Should i need to enter stock trading?

Before starting anything, i have assumed that readers have a complete understanding of what is trading in stock market.If you are still curious to know stock trading then refer my post what is stock trading and you will find basic insight into it .I am not putting much efforts in explaining what stock trading is, because purpose of this post is to give deep insight into psychology of trading and let you know the answers of various questions that have put your mind into dilemma and have stopped you from entering into trading profession or opting stock trading as a professional career in life. Before moving further, lets have a bit of insight into some meaningful questions that usually born in our mind and we got tired,confused, frustrate in finding answers of those questions on meaningless places.At the end as always, we just get nothing but desperation.Below are some bit of some question….

  •  Is stock trading is gambling?
  • Why everyone give me suggestion to not enter in stock trading?
  • Why people refuse to choose stock trading as professional career/full time profession?
  • Do i necessary be from commerce background to succeed in stock trading?
  • Why we read/hear that only 5% people succeed in this profession?
  • Why i always loss in trading?
  • Why market reverses when i take a position?
  • Why everyone is gaining profit but i am suffering from losses?
  • Why my stop loss get hit every time?
  • Why technical analysis, strategies that i follow usually result into losses?

and the list of questions go on….
if you are one of those who are suffering from losses and waiting for right place to find answers of above questions, then your search is at the end, and here you will find answers to all your questions that will help you in your journey to a professional trader.
Along with this, we will focus on TRADING PSYCHOLOGY i.e how our brain reacts while trading and how our emotions come into play while taking positions. Understanding of trading psychology is very much important and those who do not give much preference to it always suffer losses

Always remember that     “KEY TO SUCCESS IS IN OUR MIND”
So first thing that you require to succeed in stock trading is mindset for stock trading.

We are going to start series of blog/articles that will help you to get deep insight into trading.So please stay in touch with our blog for more updates.Your valuable suggestions will be appreciated..

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