Stock trading vs Gambling

Many people think that trading in the stock market is like gambling. They think that the stock market is much more similar to casinos. For…
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Algorithm trading

What is algorithm trading?

With technology automating every sector in the world, stock trading is no more exception. Technology has drastically changed the way we trade. In the world,…
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why to do stock trading

Why to do stock trading?

1. For Financial freedom:- Every person wants to become financially free and independent but lets first understand what financial freedom is and how we can…
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stock trading

How to do stock trading?

1. Be Familiar with stock trading. If you want to start trading stocks, first you should have to make yourself familiar with, what is stock…
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What is stock trading?

Stock trading is the buying and selling of share/stocks of a particular company and make profit from short-term gains & stock price fluctuations. A stock or…
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decision, question, response

Should i need to enter stock trading?

Before starting anything, i have assumed that readers have a complete understanding of what is trading in stock market.If you are still curious to know…
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