Why most people suffer losses in stock trading?

Why we Fail??

Before stepping in to find the right answer to the question ” why most people suffer losses in stock trading“. Let’s try to expand our approach to the question “why some people succeed and some get failed in achieving their goals. Usually these type of questions born in our mind but we rarely try to ask our self why this happen? why everybody is succeeding but i am loosing and a lot of similar questions take birth in our mind but we get fail in analyzing and finding the right approach to answers of these questions. There might be numerous reasons that stand behind the success and failure of an individual. But here on our blog, we give more priority to psychology, therefore from a psychological perspective, one of the reason is Self-sabotage.

What is Self Sabotage:-Self sabotage

  • It can be termed as an unconscious wish to fail and self-destructing behavior.
  • Self -sabotage means feeding negative thoughts to your mind without consciousness.
  • Negative self-talk, mind destructive behavior are also referred to as self-sabotaging activities.

Suppose a person wants to achieve a goal of becoming a millionaire but un-consciously he repeats to his mind that it is impossible for me to become a millionaire and becoming millionaire is difficult as it requires a lot of hard work and continuous repetition of this statement has made his belief much much much stronger that he never achieved the status of a millionaire in his life.

If instead of repeating, it is impossible for me to become a millionaire. if that man had affirmed to his mind that this is easy, i have the potential for it and one day i will become millionaire, he might have achieved this goal.


Most of the failures in life is due to Self-Sabotage. We literally sabotage our self by thoughts we have, words we speak and the actions we take. Self-sabotage occurs due to Lack of self belief , Low self esteem, Fear of failure and much more.

How to come out from the trap of self-sabotage:-

  • The only way is to understand it completely, analyze your self-sabotaging thoughts – beliefs – behavior – habits and work on changing them.
  • Learn how the cycle of thought, feeling, action, result work.
  • Practice positive thinking and self-supporting behavior. 

This was just an introduction to what self-sabotage is and how it contributes to one’s success and failure. Understanding self-sabotage is very necessary to get a deep insight into the psychology behind why most people suffer losses in stock trading.

Why most people suffer losses in stock trading?

After gaining good technical knowledge, it become extremely difficult for some people to earn profit in trading, and most of the time they suffer from losses, and here self-sabotage acts as fuel in the fire. After suffering some losses in the stock market, they affirm to themselves that i always lose in trading, trading is gambling, i am not suitable for trading and bla bla…

These negative self-destructive thoughts get deeply stored in our subconscious mind which in  turn lead to wrong decision making during taking positions in stock trading (due to our self destructing & self-sabotage beliefs of losses and failure)   


  • Trading is difficult.
  •  I can’t learn it.
  • Trading is gambling.
  • I always suffer losses in trading. 


  •  Trading is easy.
  •  I will learn and succeed in it.
  • Trading is an art of science and psychology.
  • I will learn from losses and make a consistent profit.

To succeed in stock trading, you should start working on turning self-sabotage behavior to self-supporting behavior.

Always remember that:-


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